Webinar Registration

What:       OptixEQ Product Webinar

When:      Friday, June 24, 2016 @ 8:00 pm – 9:30 pm EST

Where:     OptixEQ Webinar [https://join.me/OptixEQ_web]


  • Learn about our handicapping tools and how we utilize them.
  • Ask the OptixTeam any questions about our products and their applications.
  • Ask the OptixTeam to review the PLOT/GRID/NOTES for any upcoming or past races (time permitting)

Registration: The participants should be “Registered” OptixEQ users who have also reviewed our product FAQs and instructional videos.If you are interested in participating, please send your information using our contact form at Contact Us  and put “Sign me up for webinar” in the “Message” box.

Note: The webinars will be limited to 10 people, allowing us to devote personal time to our clients so that we can ensure the best end-user experience.



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