OptixPLOT gives players an “at-a-glance” view of pace dynamics – how a race is likely to unfold. OptixEQ’s proprietary algorithm uses representative running lines from a horse’s past performances to comparatively plot horses on a graph. Each horse’s OptixPLOT position represents their early and mid-race capability while a CIRCLE or SQUARE represents the horse’s finishing ability.


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OptixNOTES —the future of trip handicapping—is a new, interpretive methodology for visually rating a horse’s overall performance. By using a consistent process and common language, we have built an effective analytical tool that will help assess a horse’s form cycle.

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OptixFOCUS is a comprehensive handicapping analysis report. The OptixEQ Experts use GRID, NOTES, and PLOT data to assess each horse’s chances in a race; including acceptable odds and wagering advice.

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OptixGRID provides players with a detailed, interactive, and sortable past-performance platform to fully enhance their handicapping experience. The OptixGRID offers several unique, innovative, and proprietary data fields—from our own proprietary speed-figures to historical OptixPLOT information, the OptixGRID interface provides players with all of the necessary tools to handicap a race. OptixGRID is included FREE with any OptixPLOT or OptixNOTES purchase.

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