Co-Founder, Technology Chief

Dr. Dave is the co-founder of Equilytix LLC and co-creator/developer of the OptixEQ® suite of products.  He began playing horses in the early ’80s in Southern California, but soon found classic “Racing Form” handicapping was too time-intensive and prone to missed opportunities.   As Dave had been, and is still, professionally active developing world-class data warehouses, advanced analytics, and visualizations in manufacturing, energy, financial, and scientific arenas, it naturally followed for him to apply his knowledge and skills to his horse racing passion.

He began seriously developing tools to quickly handicap thoroughbred horse races In 2005. These became the foundation for what is today’s OptixEQ® platform.  In 2010 Dave joined forces with co-founder John Doyle to explore building a company dedicated to making their handicapping tools and approaches “prime time”.  Together they formed Equilytix LLC in 2013 and have continued to refine, improve, and develop OptixEQ® as a platform for themselves and for their OptixEQ® customers.

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