About Us

About OptixEQ

OptixEQ is an Internet information company that provides a high-quality assortment of handicapping products and analytical tools for handicappers, contest players, owners, and racing enthusiasts.


OptixEQ’s philosophy is straightforward: first and foremost, we are creating products we ourselves use every day; second, we are continually improving these products through further analysis and interaction with our client base; and third, we are innovating new products so we can help ourselves and our clients maintain an edge in an ever-changing game.

OptixEQ is committed to expanding its product base over the next several years with more innovative analytical tools and platforms. Our initial platform and base set of products were built under the brand name OptixEQ.

OptixPLOT, OptixNOTES, and OptixGRID are our main products. These products have been developed by analytical, statistical, and racing experts with years of experience handicapping and wagering on horse races. The platform is a direct output of the tools the OptixEQ products team established for their own use to handicap and wager on races.