Positive OptixPLOT Track Profiles at Aqueduct, DelMar (Quadrant/Shapes w/ Positive ROI$)

New tracks added to OptixPLOT Selector: EMD, HOU, WRD, and SUN

Tracks added to OptixPLOT Selector:

EMD – Emerald Downs

HOU – Sam Houston

WRD – Will Rogers

SUN – Sunland Park

Explanation of OptixEQ PAR line

Important NOTE – Use Surface instead of Surface/Distance PLOT filter for two-turn 7.5f Turf races

This time of the year tracks like Gulfstream Park and FairGrounds begin to run their two-turn 7.5f  grass sprints. These races play more like routes than sprints. Therefore when using the OptixpLOT filter you want to use Surface instead of  Surface/Distance for those race types.


OptixPLOT RPM shows how well a horse’s plot position matches its preferred run style – see example LaurelPark R7