March 19, 2016 – Profiling horses using OptixGRID

Here we are using OptixGRID to profile 2 horses in today’s March 19 Inside Information Handicap R12 at GP

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AQU R8 Can the two M/L longshots have pace edge?

Both #3 Williamsluckygray and #6 Pushme Pullyou could be class challenged, but in a paceless race they might be worth a shot.


Select more representative PLOTs by making sure a race’s standard and surface/distance views are similar

Standard and Surface/Distance view mismatch

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Race representing a good match, plus some other PLOT features

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GP 3/16 Race 1 “An OptixEQ perspective”

GP R1 3/16 OptixEQ team reviews handicapping approach using their products

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Simple OptixGRID filter techniques

1.Last 90 days, turf, routes sorted by highest to lowest speed figure

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2. Horses capable of running B, B- OptixNOTES grades at today’s class level

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