Pricing Plans

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  • Once you have made a purchase, use the OPTIXEQ SELECTOR button to view your purchased products.
  • OptixGRID is FREE with any OptixPLOT purchase. OptixPLOT includes ALL tracks in Optix Selector while OptixNOTES’ current availability includes ALL NY (AQU, BEL, SAR) and So. Cal tracks (SA, DMR, LRC), CD, FG, GP (winter), KEE, TAM and OP tracks.
  • OptixNOTES Tracks now have been expanded to include GP (all year round), MTH and IND


We have changed the Purchase Page on Mar. 25th. You will need to clear your browser data to have the change take effect.

If you are experiencing any issues after clearing your browser data, please send your order via email to State your desired product, plan time length (daily/weekly/monthly), and the total dollar amount. A PayPal direct invoice payment link will be sent to your email, and once payment is made, you will have full access.  Click to send the email request.

Pricing Plans

Product Term Price
OptixPLOT + OptixNOTES Preakness Special Onetime $50.00 Buy now
OptixPLOT + OptixNOTES (Weekly) Weekly $50.00 Buy now
OptixPLOT Daily $10.00 Buy now
OptixPLOT + OptixNOTES Daily $25.00 Buy now
OptixWORKS Daily $10.00 Buy now
OptixPLOT Monthly $80.00 Buy now
OptixPLOT + OptixNOTES Monthly $150.00 Buy now
OptixWORKS Monthly $100.00 Buy now